Maia -> Lisboa -> Helsinki

Ok, pessoal, a pedido de várias pessoas, e já com os olhos postos no futuro, passarei a escrever este blog em inglês. Espero que não se importem! ;) Vá, vá, sempre treinam o vosso inglês!  

So, the big day had arrived! With the luggages prepared, and having spent the afternoon with my parents (who didn't cried when I departed, but smiled -_-!) there I went to Lisbon!

With my camera prepared I photographed everything! Well, almost... The flight departed at 22h20, but I had to be there 2 hours before... Here, you can see my panic face just before entering the airport... the ultimate panic!
After 2 hours of waiting, receiving phone call and messages (thanks!! ;) ), and a great amount of anxiety, the time to enter the plane arrived.

So, there I was, going to the other corner of Europe... The trip went fine, but I couldn't sleep nor rest. It lasted for 4h40 and as I was close to the window I could see the lights of cities of Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, as the sunrise coming from the horizon. We arrived at 5h (local hour, GMT+2) at Helsinki. The plane finally stopped and through the window I saw the giant light characters saying "HELSINKI-VANTAA", and then it hit me that sensation of "WOW, I'm in Helsinki!! Awesome!!!".

The Helsinki airport was nice, as you can see in the pictures, even though the employees were not that smart, since we only were able to find our luggage after about 30 minutes of searching and asking for the place were we should pick it. And I just thought "And we think bad of Portugal...". My image of perfection of the nordic countries was starting to fall apart.

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  1. Anónimo says:

    Mas então? Foste sozinho ou com companhia? Não percebi essa parte.

    Anónimo says:

    Isso de escrever em Inglês afasta-me ainda mais de ti :(
    Muitos beijos

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