You have stayed in Finland too long when…

1) You think it is normal to have lunch at 11:00
2) When you go to a post office, bank or pharmacy you first start looking for a waiting ticket. You think it is normal to stand in line for getting a waiting ticket.
3) A deep sigh is a part of your daily vocabulary, and so is “hmmmm”.
4) When there is 70°C in sauna it is cold, but when there is 25°C outside it is hot.
5) A natural part of a business meeting is to spend time naked in a hot room with people you don`t know.
6) A stranger smiling at you is
a) crazy
b) drunk
c) foreigner
d) all of the above
7) You go to cruise
a) to buy tax free beer
b) to buy tax free booze
c) to party
8) You are always on time
9) Shoes and white sporting socks are an acceptable combination
10) You`ll get drunk on religious holidays
11) You`d rather stay at home than go drinking in a pub.
12) You consider it normal to go to a summer cottage in the middle of a forest to be eaten by moskitos and to drink booze.
13) 5°C means mild weather.
14) Your wear warm clothes in April even though there is 25°C, because it is April. You wear a t-shirt and shorts in July even though there is
10°C, because it is July.
15) You wear socks and sandals at the same time.
16) Temperature below zero and snow does not stop you from biking.
17) You get annoyed if a bus / train is two minutes late
18) Your wife is watching television while you take care of the kids.
19) You think it is normal to keep on walking when a stranger asks you something on the street.
20) You have been engaged for four years without thinking of getting married.
21) You automatically put your hand in your pocket when you hear a mobile ringing.
22) You are interested in the new models of mobile phones and whether your mobile is following the latest trend.
23) When your colleagues ask you to go out for a drink after work you know that is result in a long night and a head-breaking hangover next day
24) Most of your friends are called the same and you have to use their last names to make a separation.
25) You go to the movies in time to see the commercials.
26) A piece of tomato on a piece if lettuce can be called a salad.
27) You consider it normal that the last name which start with v and w are located in the same place in the telephone directory.
28) Silence is fun.
29) You find it normal to drink milk with your meals.
30) You finally stop asking your class "Are there any questions?"
31) Hugging is reserved for sexual foreplay
32) You give up on trying to find fat-free food and pile on the butter, cream and sugar.

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  1. já reparaste como os finlandeses, em especial as finlandesas, tb por hábito responde sim ao mesmo tempo que INSPIRAM? Yaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...

    Romeu says:

    Nunca reparei... mas isso é mesmo possível?? lolol xD

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